People In Paris Are Wearing These 6 Summer Shoes Nonstop

French women have long been heralded as style icons in their own right, and their impeccable fashion choices extend to their shoe game, too. As temperatures continue to rise, people in Paris are embracing an array of stylish footwear trends that effortlessly capture the essence of the season. When it comes to shoes, comfort and style go hand in hand for these chic dressers; a potent combination if there ever was one.

French Summer Shoe Trends: The styles people in Paris are currently wearing, including slingbacks



As an admirer of all things French, I constantly seek fresh ways to infuse my own style with a touch of that Gallic charm. So, I thought I'd take a closer look at the French summer shoe trends that are currently dominating the pavements. What I soon realised was—as often is the way with French style—many of the pairs I saw felt inherently timeless and trend-proof; the sort of shoes you'll come back to again and again, regardless of the trends happening in the background.

Since France is blessed with a slightly warmer climate than we are, the majority of French summer shoe staples are sandals. Not all, I might add, but most. This is no deterrent though, especially given the glorious weather we're experiencing on British soil already this summer. Perhaps if I dress like a Parisian, their forecast will head this way, too? A little manifesting never hurt anyone, I guess. From flats to heels, let's explore the French summer shoe trends Parisians are wearing right now. 

1. Elevated Flip-Flops

French Summer Shoe Trends: @sylviemus_ wears a pair of leather flip flops with a black dress



Once considered solely appropriate for beach outings, flip flops have become a stylish staple around the world, particularly when they're made from premium materials such as leather and suede. It's these elevated options that French women are gravitating towards right now, with finishes such as mock croc further enhancing their expensive look. 

Shop the Shoe:

These look so much more expensive than they are. 

I love the mix of leather finishes on this pair. 

The cushioned sole will provide extra support when walking. 

2. Demi-Wedges

French Summer Shoe Trends: @tamaramory wears a pair of wedge shoes with denim shorts



Though they ebb and flow in popularity in the UK, wedges—often in espadrille styles—continue to reign supreme in the French summer shoe repertoire. A marriage of style and support, while wedges are still prevalent in Paris and beyond, I'm seeing more and more French women opt for sleeker designs, often with lower heels for traversing the cobbled streets. 

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Such a cool heel. Plus, these come in so many colours. 

Prefer neutrals? You can snap these up in black if you prefer. 

3. Simple Sliders

French Summer Shoe Trends: @vikilefevre wears a pair of woven leather sliders with a blue cotton dress



Another favoured summer shoe trend among the French is the slide sandal. Combining ease and style, these slip-on wonders come in a variety of materials and designs, with braided leather styles proving especially popular with our Gallic friends. 

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The detailing on these sandals is something I'd usually expect from designer pairs.

Metallic sandals will elevate any outfit. 

4. Ankle Ties

French Summer Shoe Trends: @frannfyne wears a pair of ankle-tie sandals with a brown printed dress



We've already discussed the affinity French people have for espadrilles, and this summer shoe trend nods to the style. Though the woven wedge is absent, ankle-tie straps are dominating the French sandal scene right now, be it on flats or heels. 

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A very sleek interpretation of the espedrille. 

The heightened sides will offer extra support. 

I've never met a pair of The Row sandals I didn't love. 

5. Ballet Flats

Although it might sound cliché, one trend that's synonymous with French style that the women there really do wear, is ballet flats. Widely considered classic and elegant, they're a no-brainer with jeans and skirts, especially in the warmer months. 

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Take note: The elasticated strap is a detail that keeps cropping up on ballet flats this season. 

Red shoes always make for a fun choice. 

Minimalist? This is the pair for you. 

6. White Tones

French Summer Shoe Trends: @emmanuellek_ wears a pair of white sandals with a maxi skirt



French women have a penchant for white shoes, embracing their clean and minimalist appeal. Whether it's ballet flats (as seen above) or elegant strappy sandals, they're a versatile option that goes with a myriad of outfits, which only furthers their appeal. 

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The buckle detail gives these sandals a '90s vibe that I love. 

Worried about your feet getting hot? Turn your attention to mesh. 

I own these and can confirm they're incredibly comfortable.