I Live in L.A. But Crave French-Girl Style—7 Pieces I Want to Get the Look

I currently live in Los Angeles and grew up in Orange County, so yes, I am quite the California girl. While my roots are certainly planted in the Golden State, my personal style has never been, which is why I am constantly searching elsewhere for wardrobe inspiration. Having worked in fashion for most of my adult life, I have always admired the French-girl aesthetic, and lately, my closet is craving a few new pieces to help elevate my look to that classic Parisian level. 

Below, I shopped out seven French-style clothing items, from designer raffia bags to simple and sleek kitten heels that I am itching to wear here in Los Angeles this summer. Each item is timeless yet striking, which is exactly the balance these French women have mastered. With that being said, enjoy this French-girl shopping roundup, and wish me luck on my attempt to turn my closet into something French women would be proud of. 

Simple Kitten Heels

Having a pair of simple kitten heels on hand can instantly elevate any outfit. I'm loving the monochromatic shirt–and-shorts look above and plan on re-creating it ASAP.

Make it all about the shoes with a bold yellow colourway. 

Little Red Dresses

French-Style Clothing



This summer, instead of the LBD, I'm buying into the little red dress thanks to the endless inspiration I'm getting from French girls. 

Christopher Esber is the master of the cut-out. 

Designer Raffia Bags

French-Style Clothing



If you ask me, there is nothing chicer than a designer raffia bag. It's giving "I'm investing in summer" energy, and I'm very here for it. 

Shop designer raffia bags:

Colourful Button-Downs

French-Style Clothing



Colourful button-downs are always the vibe, but there's something about the way French girls style them that makes me need 10 more. 

A timeless striped shirt is a wardrobe staple. 

For exquisite tailoring, look to COS. 

Striped Swimwear

Striped swimwear will always be a classic, and I'm looking to invest in as many styles as I can. After seeing French girls sporting them all over my Instagram feed while on their dreamy vacations, I officially can no longer resist. 

Shop striped swimwear:

Stick to a monochromatic palette to add that French-girl touch.

Shop the matching Tanga Bikini Bottoms (£17).

Investment Bags

French-Style Clothing



I have always admired the way French girls style their investment bags. Whether they're wearing jeans and a T-shirt or a pretty summer dress, they make the strongest case for the cost per wear of these designer goods.

Shop investment bags:

This '90s-style bag will be a brand icon. 

The Jackie has been iconic for the past six decades. 

Black Maxi Skirts

French-Style Clothing



While I still love a good mini hemline, I have officially been convinced via these Parisian beauties to add a few maxi skirts to my wardrobe as well. Specifically, black ones, as they lend the most versatility when it comes to planning easy yet chic outfits. 

Shop black maxi skirts: