How to Make Your Wardrobe Speak French

You’ll know that at Who What Wear, we’re obsessive when it comes to French-girl style. We’re always trying to decode that particular je ne sais quoi that makes the style of our Gallic neighbours so irresistible and seemingly so hard to replicate over this side of the channel, whether it’s nailing the ultimate staple piece or identifying the one item our French counterparts would never wear.

But there is a quick trick to French-ify your wardrobe minus any swotting up, and that’s with a slogan tee. While everyone else is making a statement in English, why not try styling one en français? Seeing as we’re currently spoilt for choice, so there’s no better time, and you needn’t even incur the expense of booking a plane ticket.

Just make sure that when some smart aleck pipes up wanting to know the meaning of what’s emblazoned on your chest, that you’ve already consulted Google Translate. Or, of course, you can dismiss them with an oh-so-Gallic shrug. Scroll through the gallery below to shop the best French slogan pieces.