13 Shoe Brands French Girls Want to Keep a Secret

The French beat the British hands down at two things: cheese on toast (sorry, but the croque-monsieur is infinitely superior) and effortless dressing. Witness Jeanne Damas’s Instagram feed—a sun-soaked, fun-filled experience—and you’ll understand why Brits everywhere spent last August in one of her Rouje dresses. Sure, it seemed like an easier way to summon your inner French woman than reading Madame Bovary, but somehow (and this might just be me) it made you feel like a bit of a baked potato instead of a slender frite. My advice? Forget the robe for a second and think of something further south: your shoes.



Style du Monde

You see the French have a similar knack with footwear as they do with fromage. But while everyone knows the wonders of gruyère, few have spent time seeking out chaussures. It’s definitely worth scouring French fashion houses like Sézane (for comfortable daytime heels), Sandro (for colour-block trainers) and Ba&sh (for new-season cowboy boots), but don’t forget the lesser-known labels that specialise in footwear.

Keep scrolling for the eight best French shoe brands that will take your wardrobe from meh to magnifique.