I've Lived in Paris for Years—These Are the Chic Interior Items Everyone Owns

I’ve written mainly about how to replicate Parisian style for Who What Wear over the past couple of years, but interiors and sourcing unique finds for my home also form a large part of my work and interests. I’m an avid interior-design geek and often get asked for my tips, so much so that it’s one of the reasons I decided to write my book, Practising Parisienne (available for preorder now). It details everything I’ve learned since moving to Paris eight years ago and has a whole section dedicated to the subject. And it’s also why I started doing home tours with Parisian friends on my blog, Rue Rodier

french interiors: marissa cox in her home



I’ve been interested in interiors, design and art for as long as I can remember, when I used to sketch out room plans as a child and decorate my own bedrooms in a range of crazy colours. But it wasn’t until I moved to Paris that I became more acutely aware of creating a home that reflects one’s personality and that tells a story. Along with other things, I developed my sense of interior style here. One, the buildings are so beautiful with their own historical and charming details—parquet flooring, fireplaces, mirrors, mouldings—and two, because the homes of many of my Parisian friends are so uniquely curated yet seemingly effortlessly put-together, with a mix of new and old and more design-led pieces, I developed a keen eye for what works.  

french interiors: marissa cox's home



Marissa Cox's home

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a range of brands I love, from high-street to more design-led, so here is a list of pieces that are currently in my apartment or on my interiors wish list to help you create a beautiful, Parisian-inspired home that you won’t want to leave. 

Anyone who has been following me on Instagram for a while will know that I have a thing for flowers. I’ve been building a collection of vases for a while now, and this Louise Roe jewel-inspired vase is top of my to-buy list. 

Another piece to add a quintessential Parisian touch to your space. But only go for one item. Otherwise, your home will start to look like Marie Antoinette’s bedroom (unless that’s the look you’re going for).

Next to fresh flowers, candles play an important role in my home. I light them to create a beautiful glow and ambience and to banish any strong cooking smells. They are also a crucial part of entertaining and help set a sultry scene for dining at home. I particularly love Ernesto by Trudon—the brand being another piece of Parisian heritage, as it’s France’s oldest candle brand. 

I love everything Kermiche creates, her cheeky derrière vases especially, but they are a little ubiquitous now and have been sadly replicated many times over, so this quirky minimalistic candle holder has risen to the top of my list.

Entertaining and cooking for friends is another favourite pastime, and so I always keep my eye out for stylish items to create a beautiful tabletop. Green salads are essential to almost every Parisian meal, so pretty salad servers are a must-have. I recently ordered these from Parisian brand Sabre.

A more classic, vintage, French-inspired design, these plates would team well with modern and minimal cutlery, flowers and a fresh white linen table cloth. 

My current-favourite champagne glasses look just as elegant on the table as they do in your hand.

I love a wave or scalloped detail, which is also very on-trend right now, so this jug is top of my list for my glassware collection.

I’ve been building my glassware collection for a while now, and these were a recent find.

It might be a British design, but the Roly Poly chair and cushion ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to Parisian interiors: cosy, comfy and unique. 

Another must-have item you will often find in a Parisian’s home is a cosy, Berber-inspired rug. I love this one from Nordic Knots.

I love to collect beautiful lamps and recently purchased a vintage pair similar to this for my bedroom. Upcycle with a cute pleated, rattan or waved lampshade.

I love the glossy, black ceramic base of this one from Menu that reflects the room.

A statement mirror is also a staple piece in a Parisian home. This plaster style is unique and modern.

And this is the perfect wall adornment to hang alongside prints and artworks.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you'll know that I like to collect ceramics, and I’m a big fan of L.A.-based ceramic brand GoodKindWork.

The humble mug is my favourite ceramic collector's item, and I pick one up every time I visit a new place. I have my eye on this one by French ceramicist Cassandre Bouilly.

Coffee tables are an important piece in a Parisian home. A coffee table will often double as a dining table when an apartment lacks space. I have my eye on the current trendy (yet timeless) travertine style and would snap this one up from Soho Home in an instant.

I have a penchant for anything striped (as do the French—hello, Breton-stripe tops), and these velvet cushions would look great on the bed or sofa.

Linen bed sheets are a classic French interior piece, and Merci makes some of the best I’ve slept in.

Bodmer-Turner’s ceramic sculptures have become cult home pieces and an Instagram staple—I still have her most iconic style on my wish list.

Jeanneret’s Easy Lounge Chair is a classic yet timeless design that has kept its cool for decades.

I’m a huge fan of French designer Charlotte Perriand, and this little tabouret (stool in French) would fit perfectly in my lounge alongside the Jeanneret chair, and it’s one of the best (and more affordable) items you can add to your living space to inject a piece of Parisian design history.

Looking for chic prints to adorn your walls with? I love a more abstract design alongside fussier soft furnishing details. 

You might have noticed that bouclé is big right now. This is a great affordable version inspired by one of Paris’s most sought-after chairs by French furniture designer Pierre Paulin.

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