I Asked 6 French Women What I Should Buy Next—Here Are Their Suggestions

Isn't it frustrating when you're in the mood to treat yourself to something new, but you just can't find anything that excites you? That's how I've been feeling of late. This summer, I made a pact to spend less and wear the pieces I already own more, and having followed through with said pact thus far, even with a holiday been and gone, I've decided that it might be time to reward myself. The only issue is that I can't settle on anything. Of course, there are plenty of things I like—pieces I'll happily and genuinely recommend to others—but nothing I've felt compelled to buy. So, I set out to procure some shopping inspiration from what I consider to be a very reliable source.

I've spent over a decade analysing French style and, in the process, have connected with more than my fair share of women either born or currently residing there. To this day, they're still some of the most stylish people I know, whose taste I trust implicitly. Keen to discover what they currently have their eye on, I asked six French influencers to tell me what they have on their wish lists right now. Below is what they said.

Franny Fyne

French Influencer Wish List: @frannfyne



With an eye for easy staples and statement accessories, Franny’s wish list certainly reflects this. 

"It’s the season of weddings, celebrations, and evenings out, and this is the dress that works for them all. Whatever the occasion, you’ll look perfect."

“These are the perfect sandals—effortless but chic."

"One of my favourite ways to elevate a minimalist and colourful outfit is with a hint of this fragrance—it instantly makes me feel dressed up."

"I like to add colour to my outfits with an accessory, just like this mini bag. I feel it really enhances a look."

"I live in dresses like this style from Chufy. Very chic and with a nice and light silk fabric, it is perfect for a summer day or evening."

Julie Sergent Ferreri

French Influencer Wish List: @juliesfi



Julie dispels the cliché that French women don’t wear colour with her bright but considered ensembles, which she peppers with classic pieces to ensure their timelessness. 

“This dress from Reformation is crazy beautiful. I can see myself wearing it for dinners out and even weddings."

"The Dior Saddle is the perfect example of a classic bag. I love this bright new colourway."

"By Far heels are my go-to if I want to be comfortable in my shoes, particularly for the long summer nights."

"This is part of my collection for Vanessa Posi and I love it; it’s so easy to throw-on."

"I don’t own a Celine Bech bag yet, but I absolutely need this one. So chic."

Anne-Victoire Lefevre

French Influencer Wish List: @vikilefevre



Where minimal and vintage aesthetics meet, Anne’s style is wholly unique—as is her muted-palette wish list for the months ahead. 

“I’ve been obsessed with this brand since, well, MaisonCléo became a thing. They make perfect outfits with a sexy '90s vibe."

"Dreaming of snake jackets to wear in early September! The shape from this belted style is just perfect and it will give your looks a vintage touch."

"I love the length and overlap detail on this skirt. Plus, it’s the perfect shade of brown, which is hard to find."

"I live in flat shoes; I know I can wear this pair day or night, and will never get tired of them."

"I’m always wearing mini bags, but I’ve been searching for the perfect bag that can carry all my stuff in for a while now. And I think I’ve found it! This beige colour can go with anything, too—so easy."

Marissa Cox

French Influencer Wish List: @ruerodier



Our resident Brit in Paris, Marissa keeps us dialled in on the sartorial happenings across the Channel, documenting how her style has morphed since going Gallic. Consider her wish list your French fashion fast-track. 

"Matteau designs beautifully timeless and elevated summer pieces and this is the kind of dress you can wear day and night on holiday for many summers to come! Just change the accessories."

"A great one-piece that can double up as a body under linen pants when you're not lounging by the beach."

"I love an espadrille and this style will add a nice pop of colour to my monochrome summer dresses!"

"The perfect versatile canvas bag for the beach, picnics and city strolling."

"I'm very into the colour green right now and these will be perfect for summer soirées."

Dominique Kenmogne

French Influencer Wish List: @pomelokiwie



Dominique knows a cult piece when she sees it as her wish list, which is packed full of the season’s most in-demand items, proves. Serving looks with an athleisure twist, she embodies modern French style. 

"Okay, this knitted mini dress is everything! First of all, the colour. Then, these crochet ruffles are giving me Lolita vibes. In my opinion, this dress is perfect for a Greek or Italian summer night, preferably on a girls’ trip. Yep, I want it."

"I love these wedge sandals from Coperni, which keep going in and out of stock. There are plenty of other options to shop now (this pair is pretty impressive) but I’d enjoy owning the originals if I can get my hands on them."

"I already own these jeans in the classic blue shade; now I want them in black. They fit perfectly and I love the open sides, which allow you to better show off whatever shoes you’re wearing (preferably the above)."

"This new Acacia collection from Kai Collective gives me life. I'd wear this set for a sunset summer apéro in Paris. Styling-wise, I’d pair it with sneakers if I'm out for a dancing session or with heels for pre-dinner cocktails with my girls."

"These Yeezy Onyx kicks are my favourite for my everyday looks. They basically work with any outfit—cargo pants, denim, shorts, even dresses! And they are so comfortable. I really can’t stress that enough. I want them in black to make sure they will also match my autumn/winter 2022 outfits."

Mélodie Bance

French Influencer Wish List: @melodiebance



Mélodie showcases everything I love about French style via her charming, Parisienne-inspired outfits which always stand the test of time. As will the chic pieces on her wish list. 

"These had been on my wish list as soon as I set my eyes on them and it didn't take me too long to get them. They have been my best summer purchase so far."

"A cute bikini for my upcoming summer holiday in Normandy. I can already see myself wearing it in my garden, with a straw hat and a chilled drink in my hand."

"I am a big fan of baskets and this one, made with leather, is an elevated version of my everyday ones. I've had my eye on it for a while."

"This reminds me of the green set Gwyneth Paltrow wore in the 90s, but in a more subtle colour which suits my style better."

"I also love how to can style the pieces separately."

"I already own the white version and I have been wearing them non-stop last year. They are very comfortable and versatile, which is why I'm tempted to splurge and buy the black version, too!"