I Let a French Girl Judge My Style—Here Are Her Tips



Scrolling through the Instagram feeds of French trendsetters like Jeanne Damas or Anne-Laure Mais, it's easy to see there's just something so effortless about the way they pull off Parisian style. As a native Californian (and current New Yorker), I feel a bit like an actress in costume when testing the waters of French-girl style. The outfits that look easy on a native feel contrived when worn by someone attempting to look the part.

Instead of simply trying to re-create the French look from head to toe, I figured I would turn to an expert to help me integrate the French aesthetic into my own style. So I reached out to Mélanie Viallon, chief creative officer at Les Lunes, to serve up some advice. Viallon lives in Paris, but is constantly travelling to the U.S., meaning she's especially qualified to compare and contrast fashion trends.

Below, she evaluated five photos from my Instagram and relayed ways to incorporate a bit of Parisian flair into my look without totally abandoning my signature style. With any luck, her tiny tricks may just come in handy in your own quest for that je ne sais quoi we all aspire to achieve. Check out her tips, and then shop a few of our favourite French girl–inspired pieces now.