French Girls in 5 "Ugly" Autumn Trends—the Perfect Intersection of My Interests

French girls are known for throwing subtle shade to antiquated fashion rules. In fact, the women in this trend-setting group are often recognised for their effortless approach to style—specifically dressing for what they love and what makes them comfortable, rather than succumbing to the conventional ideology of wearing what's "in" or "flattering." As a result, they've been all about "ugly" fashion over the last few seasons, and, quite frankly, I'm feeling it. The coolest women embracing "uncool"-but-actually-very-cool looks? Sign me up.

Okay, let's dig a little deeper. The Parisian set's ironic fashion choices pretty much run the gamut. There are of course the ugly items like flip-flops that have basically gone mainstream at this point. But there's actually a range of other ugly pieces (some more under the radar) that I've noticed the women of Paris loving for fall.

Ahead you'll find the five ugly autumn trends filling my Instagram feed from some of my favourite French women. And because I strongly believe said looks can truly enhance the cool factor in anyone's autumn vibe, I shopped out the must-try styles for each trend to bring that instant Parisian spin to your wardrobe.

1. Buncha Jeans

While skinnies and classic straight-leg jeans will always be the more conventional denim choice for French girls, loose jeans are the offbeat pick of the moment. The specific style invading the streets of Paris currently are those finds that are longer in length to the point where they bunch just slightly over the shoes—I'm calling them Buncha jeans. Honestly, the look feels so wrong, it's so right

We've seen the power-shoulder trend trickle throughout the fashion universe for the last few seasons, but that '80s shoulder pad vibe is hitting hard right now. As the Parisians continue to showcase, autumn 2019's shoulder details pack a punch with elevated details like ruching and ruffles. I'm particularly into the idea of pairing an exaggerated blouse with tailored separates or going for a puff-sleeve dress with unexpected moto boots.

Okay, okay, ugly dad sneakers aren't new to the game, but that doesn't mean their moment is over. It appears French girls are feeling more streamlined silhouettes (aka, a little less chunk), paired with dad-like socks that hit higher on the leg than traditional ankle socks.

While cargo pants are hardly a subtle pick with the more voluminous shape and conspicuously placed pockets, French girls are in no way afraid of going all-in with the trend.  I'm here for it. Slip into a baggy iteration—or one of the more streamlined styles out there—and your outfit will feel about 10 times cooler (and more French).

5. Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks have quite literally invaded the streets of Paris. Sure, they may seem like the untraditional shoe choice for this set, but the clunkier sandals and clogs seem to be the 2019 answer to standard slides or ballet flats.

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This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear US.