This Is the One Pair of Jeans French Women Always Wear

What is it about French women and jeans? They always get it right. I have my own theory about why they manage to nail it constantly when it comes to denim: They don't invest in fads or passing trends and only pick the styles that will have longevity in their wardrobes. And if it ticks a current trend off too? C'est fantastique. While I've lived in the country, I, sadly, don't possess the style know-how of the French woman. To understand just how they get it right when choosing jeans, I turned to Morgane Sézalory, founder of label Sézane, on which style Parisians are after right now. 

Ellie wears a pair of black straight-leg jeans with a blazer and tie-detail top. 

According to Sézalory, the biggest denim trend for French women is actually no trend at all. As I mentioned above, my theory is that the trick to finding jeans like the French do is to not look at trends, and she confirms this: "I'd say instead of falling for the latest fashion trend, French women prefer their collection of trustworthy essentials. A good pair of jeans is one of them. I can't speak for all women, but I think this year, French women will be reaching for timeless styles that outlive trends."

However, I wanted to know if French women wanted to get on the skinny-jean bandwagon, as we've seen them come back around again. "The perfect straight-leg jean is a wardrobe essential that flatters most body types," says Sézalory. "And French women really love an effortless style! The style tends to have a perfectly balanced stretch and soft material, which acts as a second skin." So that's good news, then, if you're a skinny-jean fan. 

French girl style jeans: Juilie Sergent Ferreri



Julie wears a pair of blue straight-leg jeans with an oversize shirt and loafers.  

Finally, if in doubt, opt for darker denim, as Sézalory says this will go with everything and "fits every season." Got all that? Keep scrolling for our pick of the jeans we know French women will invest in this season and way beyond. 


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