4 Stylish French Girls Reveal What They Wear Instead of Leggings

For whatever reason, the legging trend has continued to take off like wildfire among the fashion community, and there seems to be no end in sight. Even as the rise of athleisure moves forward, leggings are the one item it seems no one is willing to retire—except for the French. Curious about the above phenomenon, I wanted to see if this comfortable trouser style was as popular with the most stylish women I know—Parisians—as with Brits and Americans.

After asking four stylish French girls a few general questions about their personal preferences on leggings, one thing was clear: The French don't really wear leggings anywhere besides the gym. With so many alternative trouser options out there these days, the women ahead waste no time with a trend that they associate with bad taste and a lack of elegance—their words, not mine.

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