These 18 French Girls Always Have the Chicest Hairstyles

It's hard to put my finger on exactly what it is about French girls that we Brits find so damn alluring. Perhaps it's their ability to build a timeless capsule wardrobe that always looks stylish or their penchant for a basic makeup product that will stand the test of time. There's definitely something about their fondness for "boring" basics that's appealing to those of us who are maximalists at heart.

Between classic trench coats and pharmacy moisturisers, there's something else I always look to French girls for: hairstyle inspiration. Whether they're stepping out with long locks or short strands, French women always lead the way when it comes to chic, simple hairstyles that look like they haven't taken any time at all. In fact, a few of these styles only take 30 seconds to create.

French girl hairstyles: Jeanne Damas wearing cropped cardigan and jeans



From messy buns topped with elegant hair scarves to side-swept down 'dos and dishevelled waves, here are 18 French girls I always come back to for chic hair inspiration.

Aria Di Bari
French girl hairstyles: Aria Di Bari wearing mid-height bun



I think that Aria's messy bun would make the perfect wedding-guest hairstyle.

Amalia Diaz
French girl hairstyles: Amalia Diaz wearing beret and red coat



Topping textured strands with a beret might possibly be the chicest way ever to disguise when you're in-between hair washes. I salute you, Amalia.

Zoe Hotuqui
French girl hairstyles: Zoe Hotuqui wearing halter top and jeans



I'm all kinds of obsessed with Zoe's curly down 'do—especially her cute corkscrew fringe.

Leia Sfez
French Girl Hairstyles: Leia Sfez with centre parting fringe



When it comes to bringing their fringe A-game, French girls like Leia know where it's at. Her centre-parted bangs look great with her long lengths.

Denni Elias
French girl hairstyles: Denni Elias wearing slip dress and red lipstick



Add major French-girl vibes to your topknot by pulling a few strands loose around your face and teaming with red lipstick.

Camille Charriere
French girl hairstyles: Camille Charriere wearing updo



The key to re-creating a French-girl hairstyle at home is to remember the one key rule: Don't try too hard. Camille's gorgeous updo can be twisted up quickly at the back of your hair and secured with a tortoiseshell clip. The more flyaways and escaped strands, the better.

Claire Most
French Girl Hairstyles: Claire most with slicked-back bun



When French girls aren't opting for dishevelled waves and tiny tendrils, they're stepping out in elegant updos like Claire's chic, scraped-back low bun.

Jeanne Damas
French girl hairstyles: Jeanne Damas wearing hair down



Jeanne Damas has that effortlessly tousled "I woke up like this" hair vibe down to a fine art. I'm totally obsessed with her wonderfully feathered fringe too.

French girl hairstyles: Marissa Cox wearing jeans, blazer and beach waves



Our resident Brit girl in Paris, Marissa Cox, embraces a French-girl staple hairstyle: breezy beach waves.

Marta Cygan
French girl hairstyles: Marta Cygan with wavy bob hairstyle



Marta's short, wavy bob is making me want to cut all of my hair off right now.

Syana Laniyan
French girl hairstyles: Syana Laniyan wearing beret and braids



Syana has worked out the formula for French-girl hairstyle perfection. Beret + braids = a match made in style heaven.

French girl hairstyles: Xiayan wearing ponytail with scarf



Getting the hair accessories right is half the battle when it comes to re-creating French-girl hair at home. Xiayan's hair scarf looks simply stylish tied around a simple low ponytail.

Clémentine Desseaux
French girl hairstyles: Clémentine Desseaux wearing yellow maxi dress



French girls embrace one of two parting styles: the classic centre part or the relaxed side-sweep, as demonstrated by Clémentine. 

A-J Alingué
French Girl Hairstyles: A-J Alingué wearing top knot



Let's face it—a topknot is a hairstyle that looks good all over the world. A-J's is super high, super slicked-back and utterly chic.

French girl hairstyles: Adenorah wearing bun with hair tie



Cool girl Adenorah always delivers on hair accessory inspiration, particularly when it comes to this summer's cult item, the hair scarf.

Sabina Socol
French girl hairstyles: Sabina Socol wearing high ponytail



ponytail takes seconds to do but always looks good. Sabina's scrunchie looks so cute with her minidress.

French girl hairstyles: Ellie wearing kimono dress with hair accessories



Parisian Ellie reveals the key to rocking a short, pixie cut like a French girl is to add in some hair accessories. Her hair-clip duo on the side adds instant cool points.

French girl hairstyles: Chloe wearing Miu Miu dress and centre parting hair



If you remember one thing about the best French hairstyles, make sure it's to embrace your natural hair texture. Chloé leaves the natural kink in her hair to reign supreme in this simple, centre-parted style.

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