This Is Why French Girls Always Have the Best Fringes

I've made no secret of my obsession with French-girl hair. There's just something effortlessly chic about the strands of our continental fashion friends that I can only ever hope to replicate with my own five-minute work hairstyles. However, I think there's one style in particular that French girls lead the way in above all others: the fringe. A tricky thing to get right, fringes are notorious for being both high maintenance (in terms of regular trims and hair washing) and difficult to pull off. French women, however, seem to have discovered the perfect fringe formula, and trust me—it looks good every single time.

Their secret to fringe success? A centre parting that separates their bangs into two sections. It works for all hair types (curly girls, I've got you), but the key to that effortless French vibe is allowing a bit of your forehead to shine through in the centre. Keep scrolling for eight of my favourite French women with the best French-girl fringes.

Sabina Socol
French-Girl Fringe: Sabina Socol



Sabina embraces her flyaways for this dishevelled updo and perfectly parted fringe.

Zoe Hotuqui
French-girl fringe: Zoe Hotuqui



Honestly, I'm not sure a fringe has ever looked cooler.

Leia's grown-out fringe looks so relaxed paired with her long lengths.

Camille Charriere
French-girl fringe: Camille Charriere



If you've just had a fringe cut in like Camille, use your fingers to push your strands to each side for a relaxed feel.

Syana Laniyan
French-Girl Fringe: Syana Laniyan



Syana's textured ponytail looks gorgeous paired with her short, parted, curly fringe.

Jeanne Damas
French-Girl Fringe: Jeanne Damas



You don't have to opt for a full-on fringe. Jeanne's barely there bangs are so damn cute.

Tina Kunakey
French-Girl Fringe: Tina Kunakey



French model Tina Kunakey lets her shorter curls form a piecey fringe for a glam look.

French girl fringe: Adenorah



Ponytail + French-girl fringe = my dream hairstyle. Adenorah always gets it so right.

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