8 Spring Dress Trends French Women Love to Wear

It’s natural, as we edge closer to the warmer months, that our minds gravitate towards dresses. Although they’re a year-round staple in the wardrobes of many, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as slipping into your favourite dress without the need for tights or a chunky jumper thrown over the top once the warm weather settles in. Having been treated to a few bright days over the last fortnight, I have found myself daydreaming about the dresses I’ll wear this year, be it for weddings or to elevate my daily wares.

Whenever I fancy treating myself to something new or require a fresh dose of fashion inspiration, there is a selection of women I turn to, and the fact they’re all French or reside in France is no coincidence. If you’re familiar with my byline (for better or worse, my name is pretty easy to remember), you’ll know that I am an avid fan of the French aesthetic. I was eager to find out which dress trends French women actually wear come spring to inform my own springtime frock selection.

After hours of research, I can confidently say eight dress trends get the overall French-girl stamp of approval. From the print that Gallic girls always come back to to the shapes and silhouettes they prefer, scroll on to see the dress trends French women subscribe to each spring.


French Girl Dress Trends: @andi_mun wears a black sundress



Style Notes: Normal People’s Marianne might have worn a black cotton midi dress on her Italian vacation, but the staple feels at home on the streets of Paris, with its fashionable residents leaning into the pared-back aesthetic of the piece. 


French Girl Dress Trends: @tamaramory wears a long-sleeve mini dress



Style Notes: Although I don’t subscribe to the outdated rule that you should only show one bare body part at a time (this is 2022, after all), there is something very chic about minidresses with long sleeves—something French women are familiar with, as they wear them a lot. 

French Girl Dress Trends: @lenafarl wears a gingham dress



Style Notes: Of all the French style clichés, one that French women actually wear is gingham. And chances are they’ll be wearing it in dress form. 


French Girl Dress Trends: @vikilefevre wears a shirred dress



Style Notes: French fashion its all about the details, so it’s little wonder that shirring is popular amongst Gallic girls. There’s something so charming about the technique that nods to provincial life, and I find it impossible to resist. 


French Girl Dress Trends: @sylviemus_ wears a slip dress



Style Notes: When French women get dressed up, they often opt for “less is more” pieces. And the slip dress definitely falls into that category. 

French Girl Dress Trends: @pomelokiwie wears a tie-back midi dress



Style Notes: As we’ve already established, French women hone in on special detailing, and what’s more beautiful than a dress with a low, tied or cut-out back? 


French Girl Dress Trends: @lenafarl wears a knitted dress



Style Notes: Knitted dresses are considered to be a winter style staple, but with a climate that’s somewhat similar to ours (unless they reside in the South of France, that is), French women continue to wear them throughout the warmer months too. For spring and beyond, consider investing in a sleeveless style. 


French Girl Dress Trends: @juliesfi wears a floral tea dress



Style Notes: Tea dresses are a piece that French women always have in their outfit rotations. Worn with knee-high boots in autumn and sandals or espadrilles in spring, this is perhaps the chicest and most versatile throw-on dress you can own. 

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