The Classic Trainer Style French Women Wear on Heavy Rotation

7 Chic French-Girl Converse Sneaker Outfit Ideas Felicia Akerstrom Camel Coat Jeans



When it comes to looking for classic outfit inspiration, I can't help but beeline over to the Insta profiles of my favourite French or Paris-based muses. As cliché as it might sound, Parisian style—or the idea of it anyway—has undeniably set the bar for many when it comes to putting together an elevated, timeless look. I had my fall wardrobe in mind during a recent perusal of my favourite French-women accounts, and it dawned on me that there was one sneaker brand I saw them donning no matter the year or the season: Converse. It's no surprise either.

Converse has long had a cult-classic status, which is quite apropos when it comes to French fashion. I know any shoe style is instantly chic when given the Parisian style treatment, but women in France truly wear Converse on heavy rotation—and for good reason. You can wear a pair year-round with everything from jeans to skirts to dresses to trousers seamlessly. Plus, they are under £100 and come in a variety of colours and styles. Below, you'll find seven winter outfit ideas straight from some of the chicest French women I know, all complete with Converse sneakers.

See How French Women Are Styling Converse:

1. Jeans + Black Knit + Converse 

Lena Farl 7 Chic French-Girl Converse Sneaker Outfit Ideas Black Boat Neck Top Jeans Animal Print Bag Black Converse Sneakers


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Very into boat-neck tops at the moment.

A black blazer always comes in handy.

Animal-print bags add a fun touch.

2. Wide-Leg Trousers + Bomber + Converse

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Neutral trousers to wear in a variety of ways.

3. Jeans + Camel Coat + Converse

Felicia Akerstrom 7 Chic French-Girl Converse Sneaker Outfit Ideas Camel Coat Sweater Straight Leg Jeans White Converse Sneakers



Some of the best under-$100 jeans out there.

These neutral sneakers feel elevated.

4. White Jeans + White Knit + Converse

Emma Hoareau 7 Chic French-Girl Converse Sneaker Outfit Ideas White Sweatshirt Cuffed White Jeans High Top All Star Sneakers


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5. Slip Skirt + Roll Neck + Converse

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Perfect for layering or to wear on its own.

The way this skirt moves makes it a standout.

This black take on high-tops has cool off-white detailing.

6. Denim Boilersuit + Converse

Tamara Mory 7 Chic French-Girl Converse Sneaker Outfit Ideas Denim Jumpsuit Hi-Top Sneaker


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7. Jeans + Blazer + Converse

Did you know Converse come in suede too?