How French Women Are Dressing for Their Living Rooms in Lockdown

French women have a reputation for being inimitably stylish. After all, why else would their clothing choicesbeauty routines and haircare secrets be analysed and emulated the world over?

With the new normal resulting in us all staying home more than ever before, our daily clothing choices have inevitably changed. Workwear has been replaced with loungewear, and in many instances, boots and heels have surrendered their top spots as most popular footwear, making way for flats, slides and even bare feet. 

Right now, many of us are looking for a little inspiration on how to still get dressed properly while staying at home, and given their sought-after style, we thought why not turn to a few French women for some advice? We asked seven stylish Parisian women exactly what they are wearing at home, and as you can imagine, there isn't a legging in sight. 

From airy kaftans and flattering wrap dresses to wide-leg trousers and silk shirts, these women prove that comfort is certainly key when remaining indoors, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice on style. From designers, stylists and influencers, keep scrolling see the outfits French women are wearing at home.

Anne-Laure Mais, Founder and Creative Director of Musier Paris 

"I am wearing Nanushka wool pants, which are very comfortable and chic at the same time. The top is Nanushka as well, but I usually wear a sweater over it. I have bare feet all the time." 

Léna Farl

French Girl At Home Outfits: Lena Farl



"Since the lockdown, I like to go for outfits that are easy to throw on, comfortable and stylish. That's why I'm wearing a lot of dresses these days! I like really love this floral-print wrap dress from Rouje, which I’m simply pairing with pearl hoop earrings. If I have to go out for basic necessities shopping, I complete the outfit with my favourite pair of blue square-toe sandals. This is a rather simple outfit, but it makes me feel chic, feminine and confident."

Estelle Chemouny, Founder and Fashion Buyer of Paradise Garage Store

"Since we all have to stay home since March 14, I decided to keep dressing up every day. Of course, I tend to wear comfortable clothes, but still, I'm still working on my outfits! Dressing up has been a big motivation for me each day. 

"I go for colourful clothes to brighten up my days, like these Stine Goya flare pants and my patchwork jacket from Paradise Garage Store. (The hat is only because I'm hiding my bangs that grew so much in the lockdown … and I'm too scared to trim them myself!)"

French Girl At Home Outfits: Frann Fyne



"Being confined, I feel a certain heaviness, and so I am trying to avoid making myself feel even more 'locked in' a tracksuit. For my spirit, energy and positive thoughts, nothing is better than an ultra-light kaftan or flowing dress so that each of my daily actions is as fluid as possible." 

Géraldine Boublil

French Girl At Home Outfits: Geraldine Boublil



"I love this outfit as it’s super light and feminine. It has a precious feel on the skin and moves perfectly." 

Chloé Harrouche, Creative Director and Founder of Loulou Studio Paris

"During this quarantine and in general when I stay at home, I love comfy pieces, but I don’t want to look like I'm in my pyjamas! I love to wear my Loulou Studio pieces, as for me, they are a good alternative to stay chic but cool at home. I'll wear a cashmere sweater with my Takaroa elastic pants (aka my pizza pants, as I can eat what I want and still feel good in them)." 

Tamara Mory

French Girl At Home Outfits: Tamara Mory



“My dress collection has helped me go through quarantine feeling pretty. Here, I'm wearing a tiger-print wrap dress with no shoes."

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