All My Home Friends Were Wearing These £30 Headbands

When I went home to Cheshire over Christmas, I kept seeing people wearing elaborate embellished headbands all from the very same place: a website called French Fashion House. The headbands are real statement pieces, as they're all handmade and adorned with colourful gems, pearls and gold detailing. I hadn't heard of this brand, but it turns out they're quite the cult item: As soon as the headbands are restocked, they almost immediately sell out. Several of the headbands come with a matching pair of elaborate earrings for the complete Dolce Vita look. And just because party season is over doesn't mean the hype is going to die down: They're the perfect way to jazz up a simple winter outfit. I'd wear one with a black roll-neck, pair of trousers and my simple camel coat.