Why Are Parisians Obsessed With Los Angeles? One Editor Investigates

Parisians have had a love affair with Los Angeles for a while now, but in recent years fashion types have seemed particularly drawn to the city. The casual California aesthetic can be found at the core of many Parisian-designed collections, while French fashion bloggers are regularly spotted posing amongst L.A.’s palm trees in those very wares. When Hedi Slimane boldly decided to move the Saint Laurent studio from Paris to the West Coast city, it was clear the infatuation had reached its peak.

Though the area does have a robust garment industry, it’s of no use to designers like Slimane, whose collections are currently executed in France. “Los Angeles has a vibrant mythology that I find rather inspiring,” Slimane has explained to The New York Times. Curious to know why some of our other favourite Parisian designers and influencers appeared so drawn to the area, we decided to go straight to the source! Find out what everyone from Isabel Marant to Garance Doré had to say, below.

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