The 3 Joyful Colour Trends We'll All Be Wearing This Spring

It’s no secret that fashion often reflects the general mood of the population, so much so that when we look back years later, trends are often a poignant reminder of what was happening culturally at the time. There were flapper dresses in the roaring, dance-fuelled '20s, miniskirts in the swinging, liberated '60s, and power suits in the flashy peak of the '80s. If 2020 is set to go down in history as the year of leisurewear and tracksuits, 2021 is sure to be the year of bright colours and joyful dressing.

With the new season and warmer weather coinciding with the easing of lockdown restrictions, spring dressing has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s become the embodiment of a refreshed and positive outlook on things, so it’s unsurprising that vibrant hues have been one of the key trends coming out of the new season collections. We’ve seen everything from scarlet red to acid yellows, but three colours in particular have jumped out and grabbed our imaginations (and if Instagram is anything to go by, those of endless influencers as well). What are said happy hues? Well, that’s juicy oranges, shocking pinks, and, well, basically any shade of green.

There’s one place on the high street doing these traffic-stopping shades very well right now, and it’s French Connection. One of our all-time go-to's for premium yet affordable pieces that tap into the trends and have a certain timeless appeal, so you can wear your chosen pieces year after year.

Its latest drop is full of playful designs to bring some much-awaited joy into your spring and summer wardrobes. Many of the key pieces below work particularly well alongside the conscious denim collection the brand has also just launched—it's sustainable, responsible, and crafted from organic cotton. And, for any colour-phobes out there, there are also plenty of classic white items if you’re not quite on the bright bandwagon just yet.

Keep scrolling to see our picks from French Connection’s new season collection including, of course, pieces in our new favourite shades.

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