What Women Actually Wear When It's Freezing Outside

Here's a common winter scenario we know all too well: You wake up and start getting ready for a day at work, only to check your weather app to find a high of 20 degrees with windchill. Bored of your same winter coat-meets–sleeping bag ensemble, you start to search the internet for some fresh winter outfit inspo. A shoulder-bearing sweater? Great for the fall maybe but not now. A pair of sky-high heels? Not exactly the winter-ready look you were hoping for.

That's where we, or rather our readers, come in to help. Intended to brighten even the most dreary winter day, we've rounded up our favorite winter outfits that real women are actually wearing when it's freezing out. We promise.

Play with pattern to bring a winter wardrobe to life.



Layer a sweatshirt under that check blazer you have from fall.



Give those ankle-skimming socks a break—add a cool pair of athletic socks instead.



Layers go a long way, especially when they're in neutrals.



Look chic and stay warm with a cool pair of track pants.



Add a baseball cap and sneakers to your traditional puffer for an athletic look.



Make an impression at work with a furry coat and pantsuit combo.



Swap your black sweater for a candy-stripped one instead.



Incorporate printed sneakers for a fun twist (we adore this star pair).



Wear pink — we dare you.



Try a teddy bear coat for ultimate comfort.



Ditch your black leather jacket for one in a pop of color instead.



Add a beret for instant style points.



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Opening Image Credit: We The People Style

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