5 Free Styling Tricks to Do When You're Bored

When it comes to switching up your style, it can be tempting to panic and splurge on pieces that you regret buying a week later. This process can often be triggered by the changing seasons. Why is it that we can have a wardrobe bursting full of great buys, but as soon as the weather changes we go into full "I have nothing to wear" mode? Sometimes all it takes is the smallest tweak to change an outfit from basic to bang on trend.

Over the last month, we've noticed certain tricks cropping up across Instagram—all of which transform the appearance of your favourite wardrobe staples but are completely free to re-create. Some have throwback vibes (think hair scarves and polo neck layering) whilst others have a distinctive 2018 flavour (we're looking at you, double-jacket hack). Scroll down to see the five free styling tricks to try out this weekend and prepare to see your wardrobe in a whole new light.