How This Blogger Makes Every Outfit Look Super Expensive (Even When It's Not)

At Who What Wear UK, we talk at length about wardrobe curation and the importance of building yourself a capsule that makes dressing for any eventuality or occasion easy, though no one has quite mastered it like Audrey Leighton Rogers.

You may better recognise her Instagram moniker, Frassy Audrey, however, if this is your first introduction to the influencer, you're in for a treat.

Frassy Audrey Style: Proving Primark can look incredibly luxe.



Pairing a Primark ensemble with her vintage designer bag. 

Audrey has been in the blogging game for some time, though now she wears many hats. Not only has she carved herself a career as a fashion photographer, but she's also recently launched her own vintage edit, all of which she sources, photographs and ultimately sells herself.

On top of that, Audrey is a rare breed of influencer who fills her captions with words instead of a string of emojis, and her thought-provoking musings have helped cement her as an authentic voice within the industry. Indeed, there's a lot about Audrey to like—and her outfits are no exception.

“At 30, I am very much settled on what I like and what I don’t when it comes to how I dress," Audrey explains. "I believe our sartorial tastes should be forever evolving (which is very different from changing, mind you), but I also believe it is both beneficial and beautiful to cultivate a specific aesthetic.”

Frassy Audrey Style: In a satin Jonathan Simkhai dress.



She's a fan of designer brands, too—particularly Jonathan Simkhai. 

In all the time I've followed Audrey, she's religiously stuck to a palette of cognac, cream and black. Unashamedly sexy (something we could all be a bit better at) thigh-high splits have become something of a style signature, as has her penchant for statement jewellery.

Frassy Audrey Style: Giving good sparkle with her Mango earrings.



Giving good sparkle with her Mango earrings. 

Scrolling through her photos, you'd be forgiven for thinking that her wares are all of the expensive variety, but that's not actually the case. In fact, tap on any image and chances are either Pretty Little Thing, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, ASOS or H&M will not only be tagged but will also form the crux of her ensemble.

The big question is, how does she make frugal fashion look like Chanel? I asked and Audrey answered. The solution is really very simple…

Frassy Audrey Style: The influencer wears a Dorothy Perkins outfit.



In one of her countless Dorothy Perkins looks. 

“Up until about three years ago, didn't I have any sense of what my style was. In truth, my wardrobe was messy and chaotic—looking back, I was lost. A slave to the trends, I essentially wanted to buy everything because I would wear just about anything, which certainly didn’t help my financial situation at the time," says Audrey.

"That's when I knew I needed to change. Today, I don't buy anything without asking myself the key questions: 'Would I still buy this if I stumbled upon it, having never seen anyone else wear it?' and 'Will it work with the pieces already in my wardrobe?'"

Frassy Audrey Style: Pairing vintage Chanel necklace rests upon a Pretty Little Thing clutch.



A vintage Chanel necklace rests upon a Pretty Little Thing clutch. 

"Now, I never shop on a whim—I mull over every purchase, no matter how affordable it may be, sometimes for days at a time. I can’t recommend this enough. I also tend to steer clear of pieces everyone else has bought into. Of course, you may see someone in something you love from time to time, but mindlessly following the herd will do you every little favour,” says Audrey.

Frassy Audrey Style: She's got an eye for incredible high street pieces, including this River Island coat.



Audrey wears a could-be-vintage River Island coat. 

Above all else, Audrey credits her impeccable style to her stringent colour palette. "You are not a rainbow—you don’t have to have every colour in your closet. Personally, I wear hardly any bright colours—sticking to a specific colour palette has helped me make sense of my own style and allows me to find the best pieces on any website, or in any vintage store, for me. Of course, you may love to wear certain colours and you absolutely should, but limiting your palette to core hues will help your shopping habits become more concise. It also makes choosing an outfit in the morning so much easier, as everything you’ve invested in will be more versatile and work with one another.”

See? We told you she was special. And now that you're suitably obsessed, keep scrolling to shop a slice of Frassy Audrey's style.

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