Hands Down, This Is One of the Best Body Scrubs Around, and It's Only £12

Can you believe that we’ve made it through five whole weeks of lockdown? I only ask because it's hard to keep track of days right now. I had to actually count the days in a diary to work out how long it had been. It’s probably the most consecutive time we’ve ever spent in our homes. For me, the hours have both dragged and gone incredibly fast, and I seem to have lost all perspective of time without a “real” weekend to punctuate my working week. While I would usually spend some of Saturday or Sunday night painting my nails, plucking brows, and maybe even applying fake tan or a face mask, I’ve stopped doing all those small treats. Mainly because I'm not going out but also because I'm genuinely losing track of days. But starting from now, I’m going to make more of an effort. And what’s prompted me to have such a change of heart? Just this week, I spotted Frank Body scrubs are now stocked on & Other Stories, and I remembered what an incredible product it is. 

The brand was originally launched in 2014 in Australia and has now gained a cult following by beauty editors and skincare obsessives. It’s formulated with coffee grinds, almond oil, vitamin E and sea salt, and while it smells delicious, it also gives your body a proper scrub and leaves it super smooth. It’s natural and vegan-friendly and promises to help with breakouts, scars, cellulite and stretch marks. If you’re ready to give yourself a bit more of a pamper (and remind yourself that it's the weekend), keep scrolling to shop the scrubs. Then, keep going to see more Frank Body products. And if you miss out on the above, fear not, as I’ve put together an edit of other body scrubs. 

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