The 2017 Version of Skinny Jeans Just Arrived

Blame it on the burgeoning '80s trend that Spring/Summer 2017 has in store. Blame it on our obsession with reworked vintage denim. Blame it on the fact that stretchy jeans have been around for some time now, and it's only natural to desire something different… It doesn't matter where the well-dressed girl's newfound love for completely rigid denim really comes from, what's important is that a) you know where to buy it and b) you can make it work for modern life. 

The answer to the first question is Frame Denim. Its Rigid Re-Release denim collection launched in December last year, and it has since gone on to be a highly sought-after commodity. Crafted in collaboration with the oldest fabric mill in the U.S. (that's Cone in North Carolina, for you denim nerds), this range is a clever reboot on that super-stiff '80s-style denim your relatives probably wriggled their way into amidst a cloud of hair spray.

Dylana Suarez



Style Notes: This is where a the resurgence in jean belts comes in rather handy—invest in the two pieces at the same time.

Courtney Trop of Always Judging


Always Judging

Style Notes: Raw denim doesn't have to look retro—Courtney's modern mix of textures works like a dream.

Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now



Style Notes: It's not all about jeans—the classic trucker jacket has had a makeover in rigid denim too.

Lorna Andrews of Lorna Luxe



Style Notes: The ultimate combo for your mom jeans now? A soft blouse and patent ankle boots, like Lorna.

Pandora Sykes


Pandora Sykes

Style Notes: Why not go the whole '80s hog and pair your tough jeans with a sharp blazer, logo tee (this Gucci one is doing the rounds) and white boots like Pandora?

Especially good with shrunken jackets and ankle boots.