Riding the Wave of Emotions? Here's How to Match Your Fragrance to Your Mood

It's fair to say that the coronacoaster of emotions is so real. With my mood being subject to change at a moments notice, I've found myself heading to my perfume collection to help me out. 

Whether I'm feeling a bit low or just want to boost my energy, there's something incredibly powerful and indulgent about applying perfume to stay at home. As my debit card is urging me to spend some money that I usually keep for restaurants and travelling, investing in some more fragrances has been on my to-do list.

I've started to divide my perfume collection up into moods and while perfume is always a personal choice, I spoke with the fragrance experts at Penhaligon's who gave me the scoop on the notes to go for, when you're in need of a vibe switch. 

Keep scrolling to find out what fragrances to reach for when you're in different moods.

Fragrance Moods: Perfume collection



Feeling tired?

Notes to look out for: "Aromatic and citrus fragrances with notes such as lemon, lime, juniper berry, petitgrain and bergamot."

Oh, this evoked so many memories of getting off the tube and downing a lemon and ginger shot to wake me up. It's a zesty scent that's designed to give you that familiar, girl about town kind of pep in your step.  While I may not be commuting or walking around London, I've been spritzing this rather liberally to get me going in the morning. 

There needs to be a bottle of this fragrance underneath the dictionary definition of sunshine. When its been a couple of days since I've left the house, this citrus-filled scent has been keeping me alert and feeling revitalised. With clementine and juniper berry stealing the show, a whiff of this always feels like the morning sun peeking through the window. 

I've been considering this as one of my five-a-day thanks to all of the grapefruit and mandarin goodness in this scent. When I'm glued to my screen and getting distracted, I've been reaching for this to keep my energy up.

Want a confidence boost?

Notes to look out for: "Floral fragrances such as rose, with spices and woody notes as well as fougere notes that are earthy and rich."

On a particularly rough weekend when I was clad in my panda pyjamas, accessorised with tortilla chip crumbs and unwashed hair, this fragrance propelled me into the "feeling myself" category. The woody fruity fragrance conjures up scenes of baking a warm apple tart whilst wearing a gentleman's blazer that's scented with his earthy cologne. 

This heady number is the equivalent of getting ready for a evening out with your girlfriends, plied with sweet berry cocktails and a playlist designed to hype you up. This warm floral might have a softness to it but the patchouli and brown sugar notes have been giving me some much needed playful sass. 

Do you remember those silicone affirmation bracelets that you'd find in goody bags at events? Well, if this scented bracelet had an affirmation, it would say "I am powerful" on it. First of all, let's get the excitement that it's a bracelet out of the way. It's really easy to dispense and there's enough material for 30 bracelets. The rose and geranium are given a rich helping of green mint and patchouli and I can't get enough of the depth. If you've been unsure of rose perfumes, then this is a game-changer. 

Stressed out?

Notes to look out for: "Warmer and relaxing scents with enveloping notes like vanilla, sandalwood and salted caramel."

This scent has a comforting sense of nostalgia for days gone by that I wasn't actually around for but felt like I've lived through in my imagination. The soft, musky, powdery-sweet notes feel like they belong on the dressing table of a well-to-do lady from the 19th century. The subtle blend of nectarine, jasmine tea and vanilla, always hits the spot when I'm in need of some relaxation. 


While this classic scent is fresher than most in this category, this has been one of the ultimate de-stressors for me. Maybe it's all the hand washing I've been doing, but there's something incredibly relaxing about this crisp soap and water smell. The floral notes including lavender provide the required familiarity to help me relax in an instant.

The intoxicating sweetness of this vanilla and blackcurrant scent, always makes me feel safe. In such an uncertain world, having warming fragrances that remind me of things that I can't quite place but make me feel at home, are pretty special.

In the mood for something sensual?

Notes to look out for: "Pink pepper, sensual spices like nutmeg, saffron, ambery notes and florals like rich roses and powdery iris."

Sensuality in a totally non-obvious and refreshing way. This perfume with all its spicy nutmeg, zingy juniper and rich vanilla got me in the mood to treat myself to a decadent solo date at home. It's complex but perfectly balanced and always makes me step into my most authentic self.

Even if I'm not going on a date (which I never am) this is the date night scent. It's warm, spicy and sweet with the rum and tonka bean notes reminding me of nights sat on bar stools in all of my finery, waiting for my date to arrive. I found this scent in New York and spent the rest of my trip walking into every Space NK that I could find, just to get a quick spritz. It's seriously good stuff.

If you're looking for some good old fashioned romance, then this bright scent that's an ode to the rose, is exactly what you're looking for. It's fresh but powerful and I've been pairing it with silk robes, red lipstick and one too many rom-coms. When I need some more fire, I layer this with a peppery or woody perfume.

In need of a dose of happiness?

Notes to look out for: Citrusy and fresh florals like orange blossom, similar to when you want to feel alert and invigorated."

One spritz of this on a particularly sad gal day and I was transported to a beach in Koh Samui, feeling like I was tucking into a syrupy, tangy dessert. Happiness to me is usually food or travel related, so this has become my olfactory panacea. 

This is just like diving head first into a fresh pile of warm laundry that's straight out of the dryer, aka a very happy place to be. With cotton and bright floral notes that give way to a muskiness that reminds me of well-loved, skin-tainted jumpers; I can't get enough of this natural and organic scent. 

It's not going to get you high, but it will certainly get you feeling pretty joyful. The zing of the opening bergamot always puts a smile on my face, then it makes way for the deeper patchouli andcedar wood. This is the kind of happiness that comes via long afternoons and summer-induced naps in the park. 

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