Shh: No One Else Will Find These Niche Dresses This Summer

With weddings and all manner of formal events filling up the next three months’ worth of weekends in your diary, it’s time to buy a dress. But you want to make sure that it’s a great dress that no one else will have—and that doesn’t cost a month’s wages at that.

Too much to ask? Not in our expert view. While it might sound like the holy grail of occasion dressing, there are a handful of labels out there that are still just niche enough. These are brands where you can score a fabulous frock safe in the knowledge that you won’t turn up to an event and come face to face with your fashion doppelgänger. Some are trusted oldies that we’ve closely guarded over the years, while others are newer brands that aren’t stocked on any multi-retailer websites (yet).

But this is a place where we’re happy to share and spare you a same-dress drama this season, so like your very own fashion godmother, click on the gallery to shop from these carefully edited buys below…