I Just Tried the £249 Skincare Tool VB and Alexa Both Love

I'll be the first to admit that pretty much any beauty product Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rave about on Instagram has my full attention. After all, this trio of ladies is pretty much always leading the way when it comes to a seriously strong hair, makeup and skin game. So after using my downtime last week to test drive a certain £300 hair dryer Rosie HW was raving about, I was on the lookout for a new celeb-approved cult product to try. Luckily, one came in the form of an innovative skincare device that both VB and Alexa swear by for prepping their skin before photo shoots and red carpet events. In fact, even Beckham used it on her models backstage at fashion week. So what is it? Foreo's UFO Smart Mask Treatment.

Foreo UFO: Alexa Chung uses the Foreo UFO



Retailing at £249, it certainly comes with an out-of-this-world price tag, but what is an at-home "smart mask" treatment? The first device of its kind, this skincare tool really is a beauty industry innovation. It combines the latest in skincare technology with Korean mask formulations to provide expert facial treatments in the comfort of your own home and in just 90 seconds. And the list of this little tool's capabilities really does read impressively like a spa menu…

So what does the Foreo UFO actually do, and should we all be rushing out to buy one? First up, it uses something called hyper-infusion technology to both warm up and cool down, which helps relax your skin and allow the active ingredients to penetrate more deeply, and reduce puffiness and the appearance of pores. It also uses T-zone pulsations to mimic a facial massage, which not only makes your mask treatment more effective, but also helps to boost radiance and firm the skin. Finally, the UFO uses LED lights (red, green and blue ones) to provide targeted phototherapy treatments to rejuvenate your skin.

Foreo UFO: Models using Foreo backstage at London Fashion Week



The fact that you can enjoy such high-tech skin benefits in just 90 seconds means this certainly sounds like a facial treatment designed with busy women in mind. Which is why it's no surprise Alexa Chung recently shared on Instagram Stories that her makeup artist, Ciara O'Shea, was using the device to prep her skin ahead of a shoot. Similarly, Foreo was backstage at Victoria Beckham for her S/S 19 show with the H2Overdose smart mask to help the models achieve fresh, glowy skin for their bare-faced makeup looks.

All in all, this skincare tool certainly sounds impressive (I'm sure you'll agree), but does it actually deliver? 

Foreo UFO: Mica Ricketts put the UFO to the test



Well, in a word, yes. I have to admit I'm genuinely impressed I've been with this skincare tool. Yes, it's undoubtedly expensive, but having tried the UFO out, I would be absolutely willing to part with the cash myself.

I put it to the test first with the Call It a Night Mask (£10) and was hugely surprised at how much brighter my skin looked immediately after having used it (it was literally like I'd just had a 30-minute facial). Not only were the visible results impressive, but using the device was also simple: You download an app, scan the mask barcode and the device does the rest. Did I mention the LED light therapy felt incredibly soothing?

Since then, I've gone on to try it in conjunction with the Foreo mattifying masks, glow-boosting treatments and hyaluronic-drenched solutions, and can confirm that it wasn't just a one-off. Every single time I've used this skincare tool, my complexion has looked better than before. With continued use, I can only imagine that my skin will thank me.

Foreo UFO: Electric skincare devices



Keep scrolling to shop the Foreo UFO, and the other electric face tools I've tried and loved from the brand.

Treat your skin to a 90-second facial with seriously impressive results.

A ginseng- and olive oil–infused sheet mask that can be used in conjunction with the Foreo UFO to nourish and moisturise the skin at night.

My morning mask of choice, this purifying formula soaks up excess oil with detoxifying charcoal to leave skin feeling clean and looking balanced.

I've spoken before about my love for Foreo electric cleansing tools, but this new launch is even better than the original. It makes light work of removing trapped oil and dirt for an intense clean, and features massaging benefits to de-puff and tone.

Yes, it looks like a sex toy, but this is another Foreo device I didn't know I was missing until I used it. It works by mimicking a fingertip massage to relieve tired eyes, combat puffiness and improve the absorption of your eye cream.

This blemish treatment pen uses blue light to precisely target breakouts and spots to deal with the bacteria at the root of the issue. I was skeptical about this, but it really does help to heal and reduce big blemishes.

This was the first-ever Foreo tool I tried, and the price makes it a great entry point to the brand. It provides all of the great sonic cleansing benefits of the bigger cleansing devices but in a portable size that lasts for up to 100 uses.

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