5 Unexpected Ways to Do This Season's Floral Trend

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More than a handful of S/S 17's headlining trends are adventurous, and—hold onto your hats—for once that includes a genuinely bold array of floral prints. While cute little ditsy blooms do exist in their thousands at this time, there are far louder counterparts vying for the main stage. They can be a little daunting: neon hibiscus-splattered trousers don't sound like the first thing you'd reach for of a morning, but such a statement can be impactful, mood-enhancing, and therefore, at least worth considering.

It's why we've called upon DJ Henri to showcase the ways you can wear this season's power blooms. She's the London-based music-maker who is in the thick of Cannes as we type, has just got back from performing at Coachella and is already on speed dial for Chanel parties and Versus catwalk shows. And it's no wonder when you look at her: like a candy-haired Debbie Harry ("Awesome! Definitely say that. I love her," was Henri's response when I suggested it), this is a girl who favours vintage space-age Courrèges over basics and breaks pretty much all of the rules we've ever held onto (she actually likes wearing jumpsuits at festivals and dyes her hair every other day with bleach from Topshop). If anyone can provide a master class in these out-there prints, it's her.

Keep scrolling to read our interview with DJ Henri, and to learn and shop the coolest ways to wear this season's floral trend.