The Chicest Floral Dresses Have This One Thing in Common

If there's one piece we find difficult to resist, it's floral dresses. So much so that if you were to peer into our wardrobes, they would bare a striking resemblance to Liberty's fabric department—full of blooms of varying sizes, shapes, and colours. Naturally, spring presents the perfect opportunity to once again start wearing the feel-good print. We've been pulling our floral dresses to more accessible positions on our rails to ensure they start getting the love they deserve and have started to add some fresh styles to our ever-evolving wish lists.

Floral Maxi Dress: @heartzeena wears a floral maxi dress



While you can't go wrong with any iteration of a floral dress, we have noticed that all of the best new-season styles have something in common: maxi hemlines. Synonymous with warmer weather, maxi dresses are a fixture in our holiday wardrobes, and although we might not be jetting off somewhere exotic any time soon, we're certainly looking forward to wearing them on home soil. Elegant and dramatic, maxi dresses, particularly those with pretty bloom prints, have the power to make you feel instantly pulled together (even if you are wearing them with slippers to sit on the sofa). 

Floral Maxi Dress: @monikh wears a floral maxi dress



The best thing about floral maxi dresses is the fact they're so readily available, you'll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn't fit your criteria. Whether you prefer bright colours or muted palettes, long sleeves or short, fitted or oversized, scroll below to see the best floral maxi dresses to buy now. 


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