The Random Amazon Buy That Transforms Your Wardrobe

We're on an eternal quest for time efficiency when it comes to looking good: From the pre-layered dresses that save your morning to the wardrobe organising tips and tricks that make getting ready that little bit simpler each day, there's much to learn. But one particular gadget caught our eye recently, and we have to admit that the super-fussy, ultra-particular clothes lover in us is now a convert: Meet the Flip Fold Shirt and Laundry Folder (£22). 

This American invention is an ingenious plastic contraption that in just a few quick movements (flip, flip, flip, fold) can fold all of your tops (and many other garments) into something worthy of the chicest shelf in the chicest department store. If you constantly find yourself stuffing crumpled tees into drawers or piling three shirts onto one hanger, then here is your one-way ticket to looking super-smart and crease-free literally all day, every day. It's the kind of subtle difference that ensures your ensemble always looks pulled-together and professional. 

The Flip Fold is the ultimate fashion geek's buy. Just watch the video, and you'll be hooked enough to invest in a few more gorgeous tops—shop from our favourites below.

Will you invest? It may be high time when there are so many new button-down trends around: See the new shirt styling trick everyone's doing.

Opening Image: Style du Monde. Outfit Credit: Miu Miu shirt and earrings; Chloé bag.

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