The Revolutionary Website That Will Stock Nude Pieces in Every Shade

It used to be that when you saw the words "nude-coloured" when talking about fashion, you just knew that it was going to be a slightly beige (if a little orangey) colour that basically doesn't reflect your own skin tone, or anyone else's for that matter. And while many brands have taken steps to address this issue, there's a new website in town that is set to be the ultimate way to shop for darker skin-toned pieces. 

Created last month by Tayo Ade, an Australia-based lawyer and dancer, is a directory for people seeking darker skin-toned pieces. Whether that's finding out where to get the perfect nude heel or bag, or even something smaller such as plasters, this is a brilliant resource for anyone looking for similar items. 

Keep scrolling to find out more about this website, as well as other brands doing "nudes" well.



The site is super easy to navigate and is an incredibly useful resource when considering that more and more brands are adapting and expanding their "nude" colours to include all skin tones. 

From Christian Louboutin's nude shoes to lingerie brand Naja's incredible various skin tone coloured bras and knickers, there's a real demand in the market for these products. 

Speaking to about why she set it up, Ade said: 

"It takes quite a long time to search the internet and try to look for what people have said about them. So, having one place to really build a community and find out what people are saying is really important."

We couldn't agree more. Head over to for more brilliant nude-coloured products. 

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