Rhetorical Question: Have Hoodies Been Replaced by This Trend?

Over the past month and change, we have written three stories about dad fleeces (see exhibits A, B, and C). The last time we wrote a story about hoodies was April. Maybe we're reading a bit into it, but we happen to have an inkling that fleeces are the new hoodies. Gigi Hadid, model and hoodie lover, just proved our point, opting to wear a bright blue dad fleece by Sandy Liang with gray trousers and snakeskin boots in New York yesterday.

We've recently come across more fleece pullovers, jackets, and sweatshirts than ever recently (more even than the last time I actually shopped for one for my dad), signaling to us that the time is now to invest in one. Wondering how to style them? You could go the full-on dad route and wear them with straight-leg jeans and clunky sneakers (which would be a very of-the-moment look), or you could follow Hadid's lead and pair one with polished pieces that make it feel a bit more unexpected than it already does. Either way, we have ourselves a trend—and doesn't hurt that it's actually ridiculously comfortable, too.

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Gigi Hadid winter outfit


Raymond Hall/GC Images

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