9 Trends That You Definitely Don't Need a "Gym Body" For

I just love autumn. Having spent all summer not really wanting to expose myself—bar the last day of a holiday where suddenly one's bikini looks banging—I welcome the step-change into colder months with open, distinctly un-toned arms. Cosy knitwear, comfortable coats and knee-high boots are par for the course when the temperature dips, but the runways of this particular A/W 17 season have provided an even friendlier array of ideas for anyone who likes to concentrate on flattering their figures without spending life in a permanent state of Spanx. (PS: If, on another note, you're stuck for understanding your body shape, it's a very good idea to look at our body-calculator tool.)

There are elements of high-octane, fierce, body-con glamour in some corners of the high fashion world for autumn (we're looking at you and your '80s vibes, Saint Laurent), but there are plenty of examples that prove that we're also living in an age where quality tailoring (the kind that does lovely things to your already lovely body) wins out, or where silhouettes have loosened up a tad to allow a bit of bohemian room to breathe/be busy/take a brilliant, billowing Boomerang shot. So we've rounded up the new looks and pieces that have confidence-boosting power without any effort at all.