These Are the 4 Items We Always Get Complimented On

There's nothing that leaves a warm glow quite like a compliment, even for us chronically self-deprecating Brits. We might squirm and brush it off with an "Oh, this old thing?" response, but if we're honest, it's nice to have someone else share the joy of a piece with. Obviously, you don't want to shape your style purely around what others approve of, but in our experience, it can't hurt to reflect on the items in your wardrobe that draw those approving nods.

The process can help shake you out of a clothing rut (others tend to be more open-minded about what looks good on you) or simply highlight the styles that would usually slip under the radar. That's why we thought we'd share the pieces members of our editorial team get most complimented on—from Hannah Almassi's cool combats to Joy Montgomery's wide-legged jumpsuit. We hope these pieces inspire your next shopping trip and highlight the gems in your own wardrobe. Scroll down to discover the looks.