5 Flat Shoes That You Can Happily Walk 10K Steps a Day In

As a self-confessed flats aficionado, I have experienced zero feelings of sadness at the lack of stiletto action in my life over the last 12 months. In fact, being confined to the four walls of my home has meant that I have only developed a greater respect for all facets of the flat shoe, from the toe-warming comfort of my shearling slippers to the slip-on-and-go stylings of my embroidered mules. While some will be rocking their fave skyscrapers the moment April 12 comes around, I'll happily continue my lifelong love affair with my flats, and I'm okay with it.

So what are the styles residing in the flat shoe hall of fame this year? The loafer is up there with the other power players thanks to its timeless appeal and low-maintenance polish, which has been embraced by fashion editors and influencers alike. Plus, it's a style that can be sourced at all price points, which is always a win. A more unexpected entry is the fisherman sandal aka your answer to the "what to wear when it's too cold for flip-flops but too warm for brogues" conundrum. There aren't many to be found on the high street right now, but we predict that they'll be everywhere in three months' time. In the meantime, check out Church's and Gabriela Hearst.

You also can't beat the timeless elegance of ballet pumps, and this year, they come with pointed toes and unusual ruched detailing—just slip on with cropped jeans and a white shirt for laid-back WFH style. Scroll down to see and shop my full edit of stylish flat shoes that will happily get you from A to B this spring. 

1. Fisherman Sandals

Flat shoe trends: fisherman sandals



2. Loafers

Flat shoe trends: loafers



3. Woven Flats

Flat shoe trends: woven flats



4. Ballet Flats

Flat shoe trends: ballet flats



5. Mules

Flat shoe trends: mules