5 Major Fashion Critics Share Their Real Thoughts on Kanye West

Ever since Kanye West first expressed his interest in fashion, he’s been a divisive figure in the industry, with most people claiming to either love him or hate him. Critics and editors largely panned his 2012 ready-to-wear show in Paris, which signalled defeat to everyone except, perhaps, the man himself. Unwilling to let one unfavorable attempt hold him back, he continued fighting for his place in fashion, and his most recent collection for Adidas finally seemed to hint at a promising future for Kanye-meets-fashion.

So, when I had the opportunity to speak to five of the fashion industry’s top critics, I was curious to know what they—the experts with no stake in the game—thought of Kanye’s aspirations. What I got from them all was largely unexpected, given the way the media tends to interpret most of West’s endeavours.

Scroll down to meet the 5 fashion critics and find out whether or not they think he has potential!