The Tights Trend Your Mum Will Never Approve Of

Remember how your mum used to say you shouldn't ever wear tights under your jeans? Well, prepare to have that idea well and truly debunked, as we've got evidence that wearing hosiery under denim is the hottest (quite literally) trend right now. Thanks to Kylie Jenner and We Wore What's Danielle Bernstein, this is officially the easiest way to update your jeans in an instant.

If you're a little dubious about trialling this trend, then allow us to help guide you through. While this is definitely about wearing tights under your jeans, it should also be pointed out that it's fishnets, not your 40 deniers that you want to be wearing. Also, the top of the tights, usually the most hideous part of the item, should peek over the top of the jeans. Finally, a ripped pair of jeans is the best for showing off the tights. However, if you're a little hesitant, there is a quick way to do this trend without going overboard—go for fishnet pop socks and wear with trainers or heels.

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The full fishnets + jeans look

The Fishnet pop socks + shoes look

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Oversize fishnets are best for a fashion-forward look.

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