I Forced Myself to Wear the First Outfit I Put on Every Day for a Fortnight


Hannah Almassi

At the beginning of this month, I told you how June was going to centre around just getting outside with a minimum of effort. It's all been in a bid to go forth and enjoy the summer as much as possible, so I set myself the personal challenge of wearing the first thing I put on each morning. For many of you this won't seem like an uphill battle, but for those of you who change into 12 different looks before rushing out of the house (late and harassed), you'll know exactly how tough this concept seemed.

I'm an indecisive dresser swayed easily by mood and very likely to not be happy in whatever I end up wearing—what difference could it make by not allowing myself to swap? I stuck to the rules for a fortnight, and the results (my outfits and my learnings) are all below. Suffice to say that a heat wave, weight gain and about a million social engagements made the two-week stretch feel like a very long time indeed… Keep scrolling to discover what I learnt during my first outfit challenge.