This Affordable Online British Label Is Overtaking Everyone

Great Britain's High Street has long been a thing of worldwide envy, but our affordable online cohort is just as much of a thing to behold in 2016. And there's one particular e-tailer that deserves a major pat on the back: After recording a whopping £5 million in sales in its first year of existence, the label also has a move into bricks and mortar on the horizon, via spots in John Lewis department stores. Hip hip hooray for London label Finery!

There are many reasons Finery has enjoyed great success. This is a brand that started up with an impressive roll call of extremely experienced and well-respected high-street gurus, chiefly Caren Downie, the former fashion director of Topshop and ASOS. Quality is paramount at Finery, as is defining a unique aesthetic. You won't find the team here simply copying and pasting runway trends into a lower price point; they invest time and thought into creating considered designs that runs the gamut from workwear with a twist through to the alt-party dresses any discerning fashion lover will fall for every time. All that, plus ultra-cool lookbooks and e-tail visuals plus—from our personal experience—great delivery services and fancy packaging, makes every purchase feel extra special.

Let's toast to Finery's good news by picking our favourite pieces to buy now—keep on scrolling.

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