Serious Question: Is Personal Style Dead?

Lately I've found myself wondering: Is personal style dead? I mean, what does "personal style" even mean anymore? What if I love trends too much? What if I find the concept of having a uniform, well, boring? What if I feel like wearing jeans for a month straight and skirts the next? Would I be violating every rule of the journey to finding my personal style? (I clearly have SO many questions.)

As I was searching for an answer, I remembered: I should Insta-stalk Courtney Trop of Always Judging for inspiration. The fashion girl is well up there with the Carrie Bradshaws of the world on my roster of cool women who have nailed down this whole "no personal style" style vibe. Take, for example, the way she made a coat reserved for the fanciest of events work for a casual walk around town. Clearly the style rules do not apply for this fashion girl.

Which is why I wanted to chat when I saw her edit from AG’s latest drop, rooted in the concept of more than denim. The theme celebrates the women who wear the brand—who invest in pieces, may they be denim or not, that speak to their creativity, their personal aesthetic, and their most authentic selves. Trop showed us what more than denim means to her (which—spoiler alert—goes beyond blue jeans), and I finally had that "aha" moment when it came to some of my biggest questions about personal style.