Rejoice! We've Found the Best Swimwear for Every Body Shape

Is there anything worse than trying to find a new swimsuit? Especially on those days when you're not feeling too body confident? Changing rooms are evil at the best of times, let alone when you're half-naked and it's the middle of hibernation season.

Okay, so there's no magic formula to flip that process a total 180 degrees, but there are tricks that can make the most of your favourite features, thus boosting your confidence on the beach or when you're lounging by the pool with an Aperol spritz in hand.

We spoke to Ursula Lake, swimsuit designer and founder of Violet Lake, about how to find the right swimming costume for you. From those who want to get a perkier bum to others who want to minimise their fuller chests, we've got the best shopping hacks and tips, plus where to buy the most flattering one-pieces and bikinis to make you swoon.

Keep scrolling for tips on how to find the best swimsuit for your body.