These Are the Most Searched-For Trainers in London

"Fila" and "fashion" are two words you wouldn't have used in the same sentence five years ago. However, since repositioning itself as a "heritage brand," Fila's '90s pieces have become just as covetable as Gucci belts and Prada belt bags. Fila's Disruptor II trainers are chunky and look like something you'd see your grandparents wearing for a tennis match. 



However, they were listed as the second most searched-for item on Lyst's Index for the second quarter of 2018, only falling behind the Gucci logo belt. The global fashion search engine told us that these chunky, purposefully "ugly" shoes are also the most searched-for trainers in London right now



They were originally designed in 1996, but since being rereleased, they are rather tricky to get hold of. Unlike it chunky trainers from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci, all Fila Disruptors are under £100. If you want to keep it classic, the white leather pair is £80, but if you're feeling more adventurous, you can go for a patent black leather or gold metallic version.



We managed to find six that are still in stock.

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