How to Dress for a Festival When You're a Fashion-Conscious Grown-Up

When you think of festival fashion, do floral crowns, denim hot-pants, body glitter, fringed waistcoats, and wellies come to mind? Well, times have changed, and now, the festival uniform has evolved into something much chicer and grown-up.

Turns out that your field attire can be practical and pretty in equal measure, as long as you avoid a few key items. Firstly, jumpsuits and playsuits are a no-go. Sure, they may look cute, but when you can no longer avoid using the portaloos, you'll wish you'd worn something easier to navigate yourself out of.

Flimsy sandals are ill-advised, too. Not only will your feet look disgusting before the day's out, but you'll also run the risk of stepping in something unsavoury or having your tootsies stepped on. If you insist on wearing footwear other than boots, we recommend investing in more substantial, chunky-strapped sandals instead.

So what do appropriate festival outfits look like in 2019? Handily, the ones below. We've scoured the feeds of our favourite influencers to bring you four festival-ready outfits that will hold up should the heavens open (and will look incredibly cool in the process). From Lucy Williams's coated jeans to Megan Ellaby's skirt and jacket set, keep scrolling to shop the ultimate festival capsule.

Festival Outfits 2019: Lucy Williams in a trophy jacket and coated jeans



Style Notes: Lucy Williams is a festival regular, so naturally she's well-versed in dressing for them. Cleverly, she's opted for coated jeans which will offer her more protection in a downpour, while her embellished jacket will keep her toasty and bestow her with a bohemian vibe. 

Festival Outfits 2019: Monikh Dale in a slip skirt, band tee and chunky cardigan



Style Notes: A midi skirt is an excellent festival option, as it's longer length will give you slightly more warmth should it turn chilly. Wear yours with a band tee, chunky cardigan and clunky boots just like Monikh for an edgy vibe. 

Festival Outfits 2019: Megan Ellaby in a leopard print skirt and matching jacket



Style Notes: If you're not spending the entire weekend camping, then perhaps a miniskirt will do the trick. It's not the most practical, we know, but it's actually an excellent option, as the hem won't get soggy or muddy should the heavens open. Opt for a thick fabric, snap up the matching jacket if there is one, and then finish with some wipe-clean cowboy boots.

Festival Outfits 2019: ASOS's Lotte in a printed dress and leather biker jacket



Style Notes: If you're a dress kind of girl, make a big style statement by opting for a statement print—it'll make it easier for your friends to spot you in the crowd. Then, complete your look with a leather biker and—if the weather permits—leather sandals. 

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