The Internet Is Obsessed With This Lip Stain, and Now I Can See Why

The words lip stain truly sends shivers down the back of my neck. I think it’s because, way back in the day when I first tried one my lips had a real adverse reaction to it. The formulas were liquid-y and beyond drying. Worse still it would crack if you smile or talk and if you ate it would leave a dark ring around the inside of your lips—awful.

Luckily for us, formulas have come a long way since then. Now, we can opt for a creamy matte liquid lipsticks with a super-pigmented pay-off or a high shine PVC-like finish that genuinely sticks around but I had yet to try a stain that tints the lips without leaving any kind of residue. All I’ve tried either tint the lips well but the formula is incredibly drying or don’t stain them at all. 

But of course, Fenty Beauty was going to be the one to remedy this. The launch of the Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain kind of dropped in the UK with little fanfair in the beauty realm, especially when you compare to some of the brand’s previous launches like first foundation or gloss bomb lip glosses. But once it made its way to #beautytok the hype went stratospheric, which is about the time that I started taking notice. 

I think the thing that really sold it to me is the word "hydrating" being in the very name of the product. Surely Rihanna wouldn’t play us like that and say something is hydrating when it’s really not? But I’d tried dozens of stains and none of them had an ounce of hydration it the formula, so how could this? Well, it's honestly like magic. It applies like a non-sticky lip gloss and then stains so the colour basically infuses into your lips instead of drying in. Genius.

Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain Review



Before applying Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain

Applying it couldn’t feel more comfortable, like swiping on your favourite lip oil or gloss, just make sure you’re careful with the outline of your lips as the colour will stain anywhere you apply so, even though it’s a gloss, you need to apply with the same precision.

The stain comes in 4 shades that genuinely work for all skin tones. They deepen on the lips and can be layered too for a bolder finish. The best thing though is that you can wear it multiple ways, a lip oil/gloss look? Sorted. Want to pat it down into a true stain look? Easy. Or you can layer it under another gloss or lipstick to make your finish punchier. As a stain, this lasted about 6 hours before fading. However, when I wore one and didn’t pat the gloss off it didn’t last as long so that’s definitely something to bear in mind.


Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain Review



After applying Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain

I’m honestly a huge fan of this product, in fact, I think it’s actually made me a lip stain convert, and I never thought that would happen. I think for everyday use, I'll apply it while doing my makeup first thing, then through the day, top up with a gloss so the colour acts as a primer of sorts, and then even when my gloss wipes off you have this lovely hue on your lips. 

Fenty Beauty Favourites

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'R Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

This foundation was a game changer when it released thanks to its 50 diverse shades. The formula isn’t for everyone as it’s pretty full coverage and matte but I love to wear it sheered out with a setting spray and damp beautyblender.

I love how light this primer is– it sinks into the skin in seconds and helps your base stay put. Not only that, if you have drier skin, you’ll love the soft and hydrated feeling it gives.

If you have very oily skin and are constant powdering throughout the day, consider this powder foundation. It gives excellent coverage and evens skin tone without looking completely flat. I also use it to just dust over my T-zone to mattify and not do a full face of foundation.

Looking for a base with less coverage and a lightweight feel? Add this to your next haul. It gives the skin a blurred appearance with a light finish. I like to wear on chill days when my whole makeup look is just a tint, brows and lip balm.

 Sticky lip glosses are irrelevant to me when formulas like this exist. No gloopiness or stickiness just a fuller-looking pout.

The fact that this blush is water and sweat-resistant makes it perfect for that fresh faced no-makeup-makeup holiday skin pick. It literally melts in your skin and can be layered for a brighter pop of colour.

If your legs and arms are lacking glow, this is your next buy – it’s literally like a highlighter for your limbs.The base is gel so it glides on and you don’t have to worry about oil getting on your clothes. 

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