Rihanna Just Launched Fenty Skin—Here's Everything You Need to Know

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in September 2017, it made a huge impact on the beauty industry. In its first 40 days, the brand reportedly made $100 million (around £80 million) in sales and it has since enjoyed continued global success, hardly surprising since none of us can get enough of the wide range of products. Not only that, but it also changed the face of the industry as we knew it, raising standards of inclusivity with its 40 shades of foundation and challenging its competitors to make this the new normal. 

Now, almost three years on, we’re being spoilt by RiRi with another launch today— Fenty Skin—and we are so ready. Here’s everything we know about it so far…

The singer’s expansion into skincare may not come as a huge surprise to some hardcore fans out there. Rumours have been circulating since Rihanna applied for a trademark early last year which gave us the first clues as to what might be involved. The application cited “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, bodycare and personal care products… and related accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.” But now, the wait is finally over.

Rihanna said in a post to the brand’s Instagram page, “‪I’ve been working on @fentyskin for over two years, perfecting formulas and creating packaging that is kind to our planet!! Formulas that work, and work well with makeup!!! Everything starts with the foundation that is your skin and we all know how obsessed I am with beautiful, healthy skin—so whether you want to wear makeup or no makeup at all, there’s always glowing skin underneath”  which sounds like she’s sticking to her formula-led, no-nonsense style. Plus sustainable packaging? We’re sold. 

Fenty Skin: Rihanna



From recent videos posted on social media, it looks likely there will at least be a foamy cleanser, serum and moisturiser in the mix. The other big piece of news we know, although it shouldn’t come as a surprise, is that Rihanna is planning on shaking up the game again with her products being aimed at both women and men.

She’s even got ASAP Rocky and Lil Nas X starring in the launch campaign. Replying to a fan on Twitter, she said: “Whoever told you skincare has a gender, lied to you!” Those shared-bathroom cabinets are about to get a lot more streamlined and we are absolutely okay with it. Right now, you can get hold of the Fenty Skin cleanser, toner, and SPF, and for those of us outside of the U.S., don’t worry—the brand ships to the UK.

Keep scrolling to shop the current available Fenty Skin products and then keep going for our favourite makeup picks. 

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