Olivia Palermo's New Favourite Accessory Will Be Huge This Fall

If Olivia Palermo is an early adopter of a certain piece, you know it's bound to take off. So when we spotted her toting a Fendi satchel with a conspicuously colourful strap, we did a little digging. As it turns out, it's actually not part of her bag—it's a stand-alone accessory Fendi will be selling this fall.

According to Style.com, Fendi will be launching a collection this November, dubbed the "Strap You" line, which features (you guessed it) nothin' but straps. They are all very different, but with two things in common: They're very colourful and very expensive. You can expect the straps to run about $1000 a pop.

Palermo has been carrying around the rainbow-studded variety, which she attached to her yellow Fendi satchel. Keep scrolling to see how she styled it, and to see more of the Strap You collection now!


Getty Images

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