Meet the Feminine Brand Everyone From Chiara to Rosie Loves

If you’re not familiar with the Los Angeles-based brand Carmella, your day is about to get a lot better. Founded by model-turned-designer Katheryn Rice, the label is known for its old Hollywood glamour combined with European ease. “I envisioned Carmella as a collection that a woman can slip into and feel as graceful, daring, and playful as she aspires to be. I wanted her to revel in the whole romantic process of putting on a beautifully draped silk dress, just as it would be in the old films,” says Rice.

The ladylike line caught my eye a couple months ago when I spotted the emeline silk dress online. I headed over to Carmella’s site and instantly fell in love with the brand. Each piece has an feminine and flirty vibe that doesn’t over do it with frills and girly colours. The dresses are flowy and flattering with just a subtle hint of sexiness. And I’m not the only one who’s a fan—a few of our favourite celebs have a major crush on the designs as well.

Scroll through to see which celebs love Carmella, and to shop our favourite pieces at the end!