Female Sneakerheads: The Cool Women Who Are Obsessed With Trainers

Female sneakerheads aren't exactly common. You might even be reading this and feel a bit confused about what the term "sneakerhead" even means. Well, allow us to explain. The word is a way to describe people who are obsessed with trainers. But it's more than that, as they're also collectors. While it's not exclusive to men, for some time it's been a more male-dominated area. However, things are changing. Along with the increase in popularity of streetwear in women's fashion, major sportswear brands are also targeting women, so it makes sense that this pastime is also becoming an area women are interested in too. There are, of course, female pioneers who have been using Instagram to showcase their sneaker obsessions. We spoke to three of them to find out what makes a sneakerhead, why they started, and what they see for the future of trainers. Keep scrolling for our guide to female sneakerheads.

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Opening Images: @juicegee