Your February Horoscope Is Here—and It's All About Love

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Happy February, everyone! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to celebrate love by shedding insight on your zodiac signs and showing you how you can feel the love this month! Jupiter (planet of luck, blessing and expansion) begins retrograde on February 6 in Libra, the sign of relationships, partnerships and love. Jupiter will remain retrograde for nearly four months, but the fascinating part of the timing—right before V-Day—is that we will all get an opportunity to love ourselves. Before we can love others, we must first establish self-love! This is going to be an exciting month with a lot of fascinating astrological events.

Read on to see what the cosmos have to say about your love life for February 2017!­­­

Aries, this month is truly a love-, relationship- and partnership-exploring time for you. How do you balance yourself with another person? Do your relationships feel like an even 50/50 give-and-take of energy? The more you give this month, the more you receive. Selflessness is not always your instinctual go-to mode of being, but for February, have the awareness to give more than you expect. Besides, sharing your amazing Aries energy is quite a wonderful gift in itself! 

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Hi, Taurus! Sexuality, sensuality and depth rule a love-filled February for you. I always advise being responsible with one’s sexuality during a powerful transit like this, but, truthfully, you will most likely feel like getting extra frisky this month! Whether you are single and on the prowl or in a committed relationship, have a good time trying new things like lingerie, positions, etc., to reinvent your sexuality and experience the depth that pure connection can offer. For a sensual sign like Taurus, I know this shouldn’t be a problem.

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Gemini, what is something new you can learn about love this month? Whether partnered or single, what are some things about love and relationships that baffle you—an area where you’d like to learn more? Classes and books on your desired subject matter will feel inspiring. Love with someone outside of your social circle can definitely be highlighted during a transit like this. Get out of your comfort zone (whether you’re single or taken), open yourself to new places and conversations and get inspired by what you learn this month about the mysterious thing we call love. 

Interestingly enough this month, Cancer, you will explore your love of your career and your trajectory in the world. This concept is fascinating because although you are a major boss, you have more of a romance with your home life than you do with your work life. Do you love what you do? Do you feel enchanted by your path in the world? If you’re in a relationship, balance work with love. If you’re single, you could find romance in the workplace, and perhaps you’ll see someone in your immediate environment in a totally new light. 

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Leo, what are your visions and goals around love this month? How do you imagine your love life progressing whether you’re single or taken? Visualisation is powerful, and as a Leo, you radiate loving vibes daily. Put your imagination to good use this month, and get inspired by what’s to come for love and relationships in your life. For singles, hanging out with friends could bring forth a love interest you didn’t expect. For those of you who are taken, remember to explore the friendship you and your partner share in addition to the romance. 

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Hi, Virgo. You have a very beautiful love transit this month, highlighting love of a deeper nature—more than just a random hookup or a first-date fling. Are you looking for the real deal? Do you crave more depth than the random Tinder encounter? Fascinatingly enough, your love-scope this month recommends having some alone time just as much as being on the prowl. You are very particular as a Virgo, with high standards that deserve to be met. The cosmos recommends getting in touch with yourself more than usual this month so that you’ll know a good thing when you see it. If you’re single, understand yourself in a deeper way and know what you’re looking for. If you’re taken, do something unique with your partner, like a meditation class or a peaceful jaunt through nature. 

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Libra, this month is intriguing when it comes to love for you, as it highlights making sure you are taking care of yourself just as much as you take care of others! Sometimes as a Libra, you tend to give too much in relationships, extending your energy beyond what is needed. Self-love is key here. What makes you happy? Are you getting what you need too? Selfishness can have a healthy place in a balanced, healthy relationship. If you’re single, be independent this month—do all your favourite things that make you happiest. You attract what you’re looking for when you are embodying those traits yourself. 

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Scorpio, the transit for you this month means you should focus on value. What do you value in a partnership? What are your absolute needs in a relationship? You may feel the desire to hustle more than usual this month to shack up and get cozy with somebody. If you’re single, explore your values within relationships, and, if you’re looking, know what you are looking for in another person. If you’re taken, this transit emphasizes the material side of love—get your significant other a thoughtful gift, and don’t be afraid to splurge a bit if you are able to. 

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This is a social month for you, Sag. If you are single and ready to mingle, get out there and have an amazing time. Lighthearted love and flirtation may be more in your wheelhouse this month than depth and commitment. Be social, and fill your calendar to the brim! Take a short-distance trip out of town with good friends to see what adventures await. If you’re taken, use open communication—it may feel easier to talk about past issues or unexpressed emotions. 

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Capricorn, you may be feeling extra homey this month. Doing romantic things around the house—home-cooked dinners, order-in massages, candlelit baths—may be just the perfect vibe for February. If you’re single, beautify your home to set the mood for romance! If you’re taken, plan a beautiful night at home with your S.O.—candles, incense and flowers are highly recommended. 

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Happy birthday, Aquarius! This happens to be a very romantic, lighthearted and playful month—just in time for your return around the sun. What can you do this month (whether solo or taken) to celebrate your sensuality? You’ll be feeling extra flirtatious, free and expressive while in full celebration mode. Feel free to be completely you, and call in the best relationships (both romantic and platonic) when you feel unabashedly yourself!

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Pisces, I wouldn’t be surprised if you met someone this month in a workout class or at the grocery store. This doesn’t mean you should get dolled up to do ordinary errands. Be your beautiful, unique Piscean self, but do keep your eyes and ears open for romance during even the most mundane daily activities! Also, be sure to take extra care of your well-being this month, as you’ll call in the best relationship when it appears you value your health and happiness. Same goes for those of you who are already taken. 

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