6 Products Fearne Cotton Swears By for Her Trademark Beauty Look

When it comes to cool London style, there's one celeb that's always leading the charge: Fearne Cotton. From pastel pink suits to heart-print midi dresses, Fearne's Instagram page is a treasure trove of Brit style inspiration. But I don't just trawl Fearne's feed for her wardrobe inspiration—this lady clearly knows a thing or two when it comes to beauty too. After all, her signature style of fresh, glowing skin and perfectly applied eyeliner has seen her through almost two decades of silver-screen appearances.

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But what are the products that Fearne actually swears by to achieve her cool-girl beauty look? I've trawled through the Fearne interview archives and done some digging through the feed of her long-term makeup artist Justine Jenkins to find out.

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Keep scrolling to see and shop the six beauty products that Fearne Cotton swears by.

1. Liquid Liner

One of Fearne's signature makeup looks is winged black eyeliner. Her makeup artist Justine Jenkins revealed on Instagram that this cruelty-free one from Kat Von D is one of Fearne's favourites.

2. Foundation Stick

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To enhance Fearne's naturally radiant complexion, her makeup artist only powders where she needs it and then gets to work with the highlighter "on the top of cheekbones, above the brow arch, on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye" she told Stylist. "And lastly, I'll dab a finger of highlight on the tip and the bridge of the nose. I don't favour highlighting products that give a mirror finish as I find it looks too fake, so I look for products that mimic the natural glow of the skin." This one from RMS Beauty is one of her favourites.

"Depending on what work Fearne is doing that day, will depend on what foundation I use," Jenkins explained in an interview with Stylist. "If it’s a red carpet event, I’ll use something with a bit of staying power like Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation."

3. Toner

Fearne Cotton Beauty Products: Fearne with smokey eye



Turns out that the secret behind Fearne's fresh-faced glow is using a toner morning and night. "Okay, so in the morning, I'll usually give [my skin] a wash with water and a bit of soap and then use a Murad toner," Cotton revealed in an interview with Byrdie. "I'm obsessed with face toners; you feel so clean once you've used it."

4. Highlighter

When it's not a nude balm that Fearne's wearing, she's often spotted in a bold lipstick. "A really good, easy look for going out is just to whack on loads of mascara and add a bright red or bright pink lipstick," Cotton told Glamour. "Either my bright red lipstick or Givenchy's shocking pink."

6. Glitter Eye Shadow

Fearne will often be spotted stepping out in soft, smoky eyes. Her makeup artist swears by this sheer, grown-up glitter for delivering subtle definition with a touch of sparkle.

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