Fashionable Skiwear: What Stylish Girls Choose for the Slopes

Fashionable skiwear for hitting the slopes is now definitely a thing. While it used to all be about dated '80s-style salopettes with bright fluoro colours, there's now a host of skiwear brands that are super chic and will make you look amazing. Whether you're zipping off-piste or chilling out for the all-important après-ski (which is obviously the most important part), there are so many exciting pieces to snap up.

To find the most fashionable skiwear labels around right now, we headed to Instagram to see what some of our favourite style influencers and chic girls were wearing on their snow-lined jaunts. From pretty trousers and thermals to vintage-style all-in-ones as well as classic jackets, we've got everything you need for your winter holiday. Click through our gallery below for the nine most fashionable skiwear brands right now.